Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Holiday Sweater: Autumn edition

I'm pleased to bring you the first post of my Winter series 'How to wear your Holiday Sweater.'
It's very likely that in the last few years you have been invited to a 'Holiday Sweater Party'  ... also known as an 'ugly sweater party'.   I believe these parties have been going on long enough.  We are now at the point that the holiday sweaters are ironic no more.  That's right, you heard it here first ... the holiday sweater is back in style.  No longer is your great aunt or first grade teachers the only people who can rock this look.  You too, my friend can go to your local goodwill, find a sweater and make the look your own.  (Can I get a 'Hell-Yes!' from my readers, please?)

These sweaters are full of detail ... and really, just hidden treasures.  There are bows, bells and buttons sewn on. There are whole holidays played out on a single garment on clothing.  Amazing, I know.  And I have to ask myself, why haven't we been wearing these for years!???

The Flirty Look:
Above you can see Laura modeling a halloween sweater.  Because these sweaters tend to be so boxy in nature, we decided to add a little belt on the outside of the sweater to show off her shape.  Her miniskirt and thighhigh socks say 'I might be wearing an old lady sweater, but i'm still flirty and fun!'
I also appreciate how she is embracing the holiday by pairing with her holiday sweater a holiday-ghost hair clip and black knee socks.  Fabulous laura.

The mom look:
The motto for my look above is 'Go BIG or Go home'.   And friends, I decided to go big.  Really taking the look back to its roots.  Just buttoning the top button of the sweater I allow it to do it's thing, not hiding any of the detail.  And yes, I am (proudly) wearing high-wasted, pleated pants.  They really complement the sweater, don't they?
But, hold up... look at my shoes.  Wearing stilettos is a great way to exclaim "I may be a mommy, but dammit, I'm sexy too!"

Next week we will be bringing you the first round of Christmas sweaters, so stay tuned friends!!!

psssst, no, but seriously.  I'm actually going to be wearing these sweaters this winter (if the temperature here in austin ever drops below eighty degrees).  And I really hope you go find one to wear too.  Let me know how it goes! :)


  1. Ha, this cracked me up! Great job showcasing how to wear these sweaters in all their glory.

  2. I love this, you girls actually made these sweaters look cool and sexy!!!! I am not sure I have ever seen sweaters this ummmm holidayish but I am now on the look out!

    1. you should! At the buffalo exchange here in town they have a whole rack! I've also seen many 'cool' thrift stores. good luck!!! :)