Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Crafts: making Vintage Tree art

I often see christmas tree art like this one at vintage stores and I just love them (was it a thing 50 years ago to make these? do you know?).  
But instead of shelling out the money for an old one, I just decided to make one myself with a mismatch of buttons, beads & old clip-on earrings (do you also keep a jar of all the earrings that have lost their better half?)

For the background I just covered a piece of cardboard with red felt, popped it in a frame I had lying around and voila! 

Sick of Christmas yet? Better not be, we have a whole month left of holiday crafts and fashion :)


  1. Good, cause I plan to steal all your ideas! Yay!!

  2. Love it!!

    And I have seen those around vintage shops too. I tried (albeit, not very hard because I am tired lol) to google it and see if they were a thing....and failed.

    I took a pic when we were in Austin, in some vintage shop that was more like an episode of very scary hoarders, and there is a framed button tree lol. Omg, that place....I thought the 'walls' were going to come tumbling down. (No, I didn't try to quote lyrics to a song just then, but I did. Sigh. lol)

  3. LOVE THIS. And bring on the Christmas crafts... never gets old to me!

  4. Love the idea!!!


    1. thanks sabrina! I've enjoyed checking out your blog! yay!