Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas

We just got home from an absolutely delicious time with john's family for christmas.  It was almost more than I could handle.  Enjoying the first, of what I can only hope will be many christmases, of Redding getting to know and play with his cousins by the christmas tree.  Having a giggly and romantic walk in the snow with my love, that I am sure to remember until the day I die.  Watching John's parents smother my child with love.  

And of course ... the most glorious surprise of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!  That's right folks, this texan saw at least 3 inches of snow!  (don't laugh if you aren't from round these parts ... I literally could count with two hands how many times I've seen snow).

I hope your holiday (of choice) was just as heart warming :)
much love

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