Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Sweater: light edition

If you can't go 'balls to the wall' with your holiday sweaters... Try Holiday Sweater Light.  It might be just the look for you.
(note: when it comes to going Big or going Home, we always go big.  However, if you have to go home, go home in style!)

The School Girl Look:
With the School Girl Look, even your dull holiday sweaters can be made fun.  Laura has paired her simple patterned sweater with a mini skirt (from american apparel), knee socks and turquoise maryjanes.  But, it's the side ponytail that really sets the mood.   

The Classy Look:
This gorgeous sweater (from anthropologie) could be worn to any of your holiday events.  From a New Years eve party to Christmas morning on your grandma's living room floor, it will sure to bring a bit of class wherever you go.
So, perhaps you're not ready for the Tacky-Holiday-Sweater-madness yet, but until then, sweaters such as these will do the trick.

... and until next time, this is your holiday sweater gurus, signing off!

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  1. Ohmygoodnes! How did you do your hair? It is adorable!! I wish I knew how to do that.