Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple Days

... and by simple days, I actually mean 'sick days'.  My poor little fella is sick for the first time.  Running a fever for the last ... well, almost 48 hours, eek.  But he sure is a trooper.  It's me that falls apart trying to care for him, which leaves John to take care of us both (I guess not too different from other days).

We were able to enjoy cuddling up in bed reading some books, lots of coffee and the beautiful roses my man bought me yesterday.

I hope you are also having a cozy weekend!

p.s. I picked up a-way-too-big pile of paint chips to make some christmas crafts out of !  yay!


  1. Oh no, sick for the first time. That would definitely be hard on your both! Hope he feels better soon! I'm definitely interested in seeing how you make your Christmas cards out of paint chips!


    1. ohhhh, go figure... I never made anything out of the paint chips ... BUT, they are there ... and I will some day! :) eek :)

  2. !!!!!! i always love your pictures and what you post, but THIS....this is STUNNING. the pic of R + piano is cover-photo perfect. <3<3<3

    im so sorry the baby is sick---hang in there sweet mommie. <3 to you all .