Monday, January 28, 2013

A Pink and Gray Baby Shower

This past weekend I was very honored to throw my sister a baby shower, along with my mother and aunt.  We decorated with a home-made pennant banner, a home-made baby mobile, the ikea chalkboard that I refurbished and a dress that belonged to my sister when she was a baby.

I'm sorry for my lack of flowery words, my (sweet and ever so frustrating) child has absolutely zapped all my energy today, but enjoy the pictures! :)

To see other paper baby mobiles I've made, you can see them here and here.

To see the chalkboard before, you can check it out here.

AND too see the most adorable baby shower that my sister and mom threw me go here!

Bedtime is in thirty minutes, and lord have mercy, it can't come fast enough.  Mommy and baby both need a little break!  Hopefully your monday is coming to a happy close as well.


  1. Freakin' beautiful. I love the chalkboard AND the cookies. Did you do those as well?

  2. so CUTE! I love the colors, feminine but still chic. those hand painted cookies are amazing btw. Are they homemade? - katie k

  3. The banner and chalkboard are so awesome! Love that font!

  4. How weird! My baby girl is called Eva JOY! lol love the blog xxx

  5. The baby shower is so adorable!!! I love it! I had the pleasure of meeting your Aunt in my kid's shoppe the week before ya'll threw this baby shower and she told me all about your blog. : ) I love it!! Love your perspective : )

  6. soooo adorable! i love it!! and i LOVE the name, too :D

  7. These photos are gorgeous, I love all the details and the colour scheme is beautiful xo