Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I started this blog during the holidays last year, and I have to admit I am incredibly impressed that I have not only kept it up all year, but never gone longer than a few days without posting.  I am not sure what it really means, but I do feel like it is an accomplishment.   With out dwelling to much on the past, I have had one phenomenal year.  Probably (definitely) the best in my life.  I am so glad that I used this blog to scrapbook it together ... and very grateful to all of you who have cared to read and especially comment and email me.  What a fun little world this internet has the ability to be.

I have a few personal goals for the upcoming year, and I'd like to share them with you:

1. 365 days of drawing! yup! I'm doing a 365 day project.  I will be drawing a self-portrait every day.  I hope to share a few of these on the blog.  Some of course, will be just for me.

2. When there is the option, always choose outside.

3. Work on the outside of our house (I will have to rally john in on this one); Building the chicken coupe, starting our herb/vegetable garden and learn to take care of the roses that were cared for so long and hard by the previous owner.

4. Work on my diet.  And by this I don't mean 'diet' like I am going to be 'dieting'.  I mean that I would love to go back to a strictly vegan diet but with fish included.  Pretty much ... CHEESE! I've got to cut out the cheese!!! (When I became a vegetarian while pregnant, after being vegan, It was like I relapsed on cheese ... eek).

5. Lastly is a resolution strictly for StrawberryMohawk. I would like to start a segment I will call 'Real Talk'.  In this I will be honest... blunt, the way I am known to be in real life.  I often try to soften myself for this blog ... and I might continue to do so most of the time.  But, in this segment I will discuss my views and struggles with family, my relationship and being a mother. I'll also share my beliefs on god, marriage, divorce and how to stay true to yourself.  And don't be surprised if sex, religion and politics sneak in there (oh dear!)    I don't know, now that I write that all out I get a little nervous.  What do you think? more honesty? pretty or not?  (I actually would love to know what you think!)

Happy Happy HAPPY 2013


  1. Yes! Unleash your honesty! It might inspire me to do a weekly feature on something unfiltered too... I think we all need to do a little more of that.

  2. I personally always love reading people's uninhibited opinions on religion, politics, all of it. I wish more people did more of that. I don't know what we are all so afraid of. We all as a people need to learn to accept the fact that we won't agree all the time. Maybe I'm weird for thinking that. But I love listening to people's opinions and trying to understand how they got there :) I vote yes for real talk!

  3. Yeah to real talk! I'm trying to find that balance myself, and I definitely appreciate your openness. Very inspiring! - katie k

  4. Opt for honesty! I think there's this mostly-unspoken rule in blogging, in our general niche anyway, that you are supposed to keep it light and pretty and not talk about anything too serious. But horse feathers to all that. My favorite posts from anyone are the honest ones where people talk about what's real. Let's face it, what we want most out of life is human connection and honestly gives us that.

  5. I always say: on your own blog, you can be as real as you want.

    And i LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo.

  6. I have daydreamed about starting a secret anonymous blog where I could say whatever I wanted. Still too chicken to do it, but I applaud you for doing it. Go for it. Let us know how it goes on your end!

  7. Yes to real talk! I wish more bloggers did that. My favourite bloggers are the ones who do real talk about their lives.

  8. These are awesome resolutions, I love the idea of drawing every day, and real talk sounds like a great addition to your blog. I'm guilty of sugar-coating things when I write about them online, and am trying to be more open this year xo

  9. Hey there--love your goals. And your accomplishments. A year is a great landmark for blogging and that's cool that you've been so consistent. Also I admire anyone with the will power to say no to cheese, since I could never do it myself.

    Anyway found you through the blog hop and was pleased to find a fellow artist. I'll follow you through Bloglovin' since I'd love to see your portraits.

  10. Good luck on your 365 project! I'm attempting one too!

  11. That's a great list of goals Andrea, good luck with getting what you want out of 2013 :) I've just had a quick browse through your blog and I'm so happy to have found you, your blog is lovely!