Monday, January 14, 2013

Redding's First Birthday (part 1)

People always say the first birthday is really just for the parents, which I guess I have to begrudgingly agree.  Redding was in a constant state of shock all afternoon. But john and i sure enjoyed ourselves!  (and really REALLY enjoyed ourselves later on over a game of monopoly and a bottle of bulleit).
Poor little fella, slept twenty minutes into his first birthday party! Which means he had an amazing nice long nap, but also meant he woke up to a house full of people and commotion.  I quickly whisked him outside to take a few photos.   I feel like these photos, as precious as the subject is, very much gives away that I am NOT a photographer.  Oh well, what are you going to do? I am however, an excellent party-hat-maker ;)

As much of a sweet tooth that I have, I would like to put off redding's as long as possible. So, this man is going to have to wait until next year to have 'real' birthday cake.  Because I opted for a sugar-free First birthday cake.  
I found the recipe here, on a Home made baby food recipe site.  The cake is pretty much banana-bread (umm, yum!).   And duh, I totally scraped off the icing and gave redding some for lunch today!
I also used their Sugar Free Frosting  recipe, but found that you need MUCH less maple syrup than it calls for. 

I was SUPER proud of my cupcakes! Weren't they adorable?  I made them from box-mixes (because, really? who has the time to do scratch? or the money to buy them?)  I used a Pamelas Gluten-free mix and a Cherrybrook Dairy-free (Pamelas was WAY better...)

"I wish I liked anything as much as my kids liked bubbles" -knocked up

I will have to save the rest of the photos for tomorrow! (without giving too much away, yes there were wigs, backdrops and robots).
Happy Monday loves!


  1. i LOVE that crying 'happy' shot - that was hilarious trying to get all the babies to stay still and at least not cry

    1. I know! I think out of the ten photos I took only one came out! such little wiggle worms! Thanks for coming!!!

  2. I love that chalk board!! DID YOU WritE THAT???? It is amazing! Found you via Casey Wiegand!

    1. oh thanks elizabeth! yes I did write it! I thought it was going to be sooo easy (with all the doodling and lettering practice I had back in jr high) ;) BUT, it turned out to be incredibly difficult... chalk lettering is certainly a lost art!

      (and psst, i'm glad you're here!)