Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The art of Hangin': how to hang your art in a cluster

Today I wanted to begin sharing my home with you, because, we have finally got our pictures on the walls! Slowly but surely this house is becoming our own.  (Are you a new reader? if so it was a long struggle , but we finally found our perfect home.)

Here are a few tips I have found to be true over the years, Keep in mind I have never been to interior design school ... I've just struggled over time with trial and error and found what I like.

Hangin' Tips:
1. Always lay out your art on the floor first to find the arrangement you like.  If you are very motivated, I would even suggest measuring it out so you know exactly where to put the nail in the wall.  I always think I should do this, but somehow just end up winging it.

2. Eye level. Always.  (Isn't that the worst, when you go to someones house and they have one small photo hanging about six and a half feet up on the wall? And you just want to ask them for their hammer so you can move it for them?)
When you are doing a cluster of different art (the way I have in this post), I believe you should make the center of cluster at eye level.

3. The exception for the eye level rule, is above furniture.  It's a risky business. But, you don't want to get too close or too far away from the furniture you are hanging a photo above (about 6 inches).  I'll show an example of this on a later post.

4. Be aware of the wall you are hanging on.  Don't put a small picture on a big wall or a big photo on a small wall.  Think of the wall as a mat around your picture in a frame.  You want some breathing room but not too much.

5. Centering: Above furniture, stairs or on a wall. Almost always is this necessary.

6. Finally, I believe you can break any rule, as long as you are left with an interesting composition.  Perhaps you haven't had as many art classes as I have, and aren't comfortable with the word 'composition'.  Pretty much it comes down to this: an arrangement that keeps your eyes happy. 

Here are the examples of Picture Clusters in my home (notice I mix it up with clocks, shelves and mirrors, never just art):

The Living Room

The Dining Room
oops, yes that is a spoon under the table ... and a feather from a boa. :)

The Bedroom
My favorite in this cluster is the layering of the clock and the 'A'. 

Happy Hangin' Friends!

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