Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Art of Hangin': stacking art vertically

Hanging art vertically is an awesome trick to learn.   It definitely breaks a few rules from my previous post and has a couple rules of it's own.

1.  Eye level is still a rule.  However, what you will do here is place the few pictures you plan on hanging on the ground first.  Find the center of that arrangement, and that center is what you want to hang at eye level.

2.  In the same way that you don't want to hang something big on a tiny wall or something tiny on a huge wall, you won't hang this on a wide wall.   A Narrow wall is the key.  

3.  If you have incredibly high ceilings be wary, because this hanging arrangement will cause your eye to go upward.   Your eye traveling upward will give low ceilings a sense of height, but will make tall ceilings look even higher.

4. The size of each picture/art isn't necessarily important.  I wouldn't hang the biggest on top, but you could mess around with arranging the biggest piece either on the bottom or middle, depending on what you like best (this is why arranging it on the floor first is so important).
(note: you could definitely do this with family photos in the exact same frames as well)

My hallway:
ummm, don't you LOVE this??? I found it at a local vintage shop and would do anything to find a Taurus for John, but I have a feeling some badass chick in the 70s just made the one.

My bedroom: notice, I used the plant on the dresser as part of the arrangement.
This is an amazing piece of art made by a boy I went to school with.

Redding's room:  
redding's previous nursery

Alright dear friends, that's all! happy hangin'! And if you missed the previous segment, you can find it here!



  1. Totally random, but my husband is a taurus and I am an aries too! Must be a good combo, fiery but good!

  2. Great tips! I heart your style, lady!