Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Balancing Act

I believe there is a secret key to this life.  That key being balance. The older I get the more I realize it's not just about balancing your diet or alcohol consumption, every aspect of life is better once balance is found.
I can objectively know this all I want, but putting it in action is another story.  Although I am getting better with age it is still a constant struggle.

When I was twenty my parents and I checked myself into rehab for alcohol abuse.  Why? Because I am what I'd like to call an 'extreme personality.'  When I do something, I do it all the way. Why have one drink on friday when I could drink excessively many nights?  Following my couple bats with abuse, I did a few years sober.  Although I am very very grateful for this time in my life, towards the end of my last go-round in sobriety, I started to feel very off balance. This wasn't the answer! I didn't want to be scared walking through the super market, afraid the beer isle was going to jump out and tackle me.  I wanted to be balanced. A healthy 'normal' drinker.   Which I believe I found (but only by staying mentally and emotionally in-check).

I went straight from being a meat-eater my whole life, to waking up one day and being a vegan.  No transition, no compromises.
I now am 90% vegan. In my home, mostly.  I allow myself the occasional fish & dairy.  I've changed my priorities.  Staying local, staying away from processed food, never (ever) supporting factory farms. And I always try to eat what people serve me.

I often joke about Going Big or Going Home, and that I always go big.  But, really, it's not a joke.  I have trouble finding harmony in my daily things. I have trouble not going All. The. Way.
Sure, this can be a positive characteristic in certain circumstances, but one would have be balanced in most other areas of life.

I still have trouble in so many aspects in my life.  Cleaning my house, a friend suggested only cleaning for ten minutes a day; My relationship and how to make sure we get enough alone-time & together time; my creative endeavors; Being a 'good' mother; working out; blogging; even fear (a little is healthy, a lot is crippling).
When I do something, I want to do it around the clock, every day, until the day I die... and when I fail, I give up completely.  Well, now that's just silly, isn't it?   Nevertheless, it's how I naturally think.  "Well, I haven't blogged in a week, it's over. I'm done." :)
I will have to learn how to do more self-checks on those thoughts, won't I?

I'm sure I'll never reach this in every aspect.  It will probably always be like a game of whack-a-mole, you get one thing in check and something else in life becomes peculiar. However, I do believe though, I'll keep on getting better and better.

I'm going to have an honest look at my life and start figuring things out.  It's spring cleaning time y'all!


  1. great post my friend, thank you for the honesty

  2. Ok, this is going to sound cheesy, but my favorite part of the original Karate Kid movie was Mr. Miagi telling Daniel 'must have balance'. I am ever aware of that in my own life; if I have it all together at work, things at home are sliding. If the house and car are in good shape, I'm falling behind on something somewhere (and it was even worse when I still had kids at home). We are none of us perfect and always a work in progress. The best part of your post is you recognizing traits in yourself, best of luck in the figuring things out.

    1. love this!!! thanks so much for commenting.

    2. (oh! and totally not cheesy!)

  3. As always, I'm grateful for your honesty and openness. It's always refreshing to read your blog (even if it's been a week or two. I do the SAME THING.)

  4. This is my story, too. :) Thanks for sharing! Slow and steady progress! :)

  5. your blog is awesome and your son is adorable

  6. I think this is so so true!! I also think balance is really hard---the extremes are just so much more exciting, you know? Or at least to me. Moderation and balance are not just not glamorous, but I do think they are sort of the keys to sanity. And, just like you, I find myself struggling with this a lot. I want to do remarkable things...and balance doesnt always feel that way. But I'm glad ot know I'm not alone, so thanks for this post--really appreciate it.

    And omyword i love that picture.

    1. It's SO true. the glamorous part. Although I don't know if extremes are glamorous in real life or just in our heads (and in hollywood).

  7. I always look at your blog when I am feeling low. You inspire me all the time to *shocker* clean my house or do something crafty. My battles with balance -- let me rephrase-- my life long process of finding balance is something i have to think about EVERY DAY. So thank Andrea for being such a fantastic inspiring lady. I keep chickening out to invite you to join me on my garage sale Saturdays.