Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars

As silly as they are, I just adore the oscars.  And I am lucky enough to have a man that totally dotes on me.  There is nothing like getting all dressed up and sitting on the couch all night ;)

I did have a minor problem with the best picture though.  NOT that I didn't think argo was a phenomenal movie (and even more so, I like seeing Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck happy... they are so freakin' cute!)
BUT, how could any movie be greater than Les Miserables? I mean really? Every single second in that movie was perfection.

So, I've decided to go back in time and tell you MY personal favorite movies of each year (whether or not they won best picture.

What I would have voted for if I was part of the Academy:
2012: Les Miserables (although I will own Silver Linings Playbook the very instant in comes out on DVD)
2011: Midnight in Paris (I can just watch this movie on repeat!)
2010: Black Swan (I never wanted to watch this more than once ... )
2009: A serious man & An Education (both as delicious to the eye as they are poignant)
2008: Milk! (although how can you argue with slumdog millionaire winning?)
2006: Little miss sunshine!
2005: Brokeback mountain
2004: Ray
2003: Lost in Translation
2002: The Pianist
2001: A beautiful mind (the winner)
2000: Erin Brokovich
1999: The Green Mile
1998: Life is Beautiful (HOW DID THIS NOT WIN???)
1997: Titanic, duh!

... and that's as long as I've been watching :)

I know I've been a bit out of pocket lately here on strawberry mohawk. To all you mothers out there, I'm sure all i need to say is that Redding has started walking ... and you know what I've been going through.  
On a good note (not that him walking isn't good ... oh dear.) I have been choosing outside much more lately.  Which, if you remember, was one of my New Years resolutions!
But, hopefully in blogging, like in all parts of my life, I will eventually be able to find a healthy balance.

Happy monday y'all!


  1. ohmygoodness you guys are SO cute!! this is a GREAT idea! love the oscar party :) i love the oscars, too---i love all award shows for some reason--and i love watching them with a critical eye. next year i might have to take you as my inspiration and dress up for the event(s)!

  2. I love that you guys dressed up so classy! I didn't watch the Oscar's, and I hardly ever do, but I do agree with almost all of your movie choices. :) And I LOVE the headband you're wearing! <3