Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cultivating Creativity

The day I wrote & posted a Balancing Act, I was actually having a pretty low day.  A day probably relatable if not a mother (I vaguely remember feeling similar ways before parenthood, but without the desperation there is now).

Mostly, the way I felt way 'a waste'.  Like I am wasting my life. Good for nothing. All I do is sit around  all day with my child, turning on 'yo gabba gabba' far more than I would like to admit and then begging John to let me get out in the evenings to shake off the frustrations of the day.
And even if I was to stay home with Redding for another year, then what? Do I still want to go to grad school? Will I ever get up the nerve to start the little business I'd like to?
My house is a mess.
I don't feel like painting.
I don't know where to start. With anything.
(oh dear).

I started to reminisce on other periods in my life. Times where I felt encouraged and inspired. Two specific circumstances came to mind.  Both having to do with the people in it and the kind of environment they held around them.
The environment just cultivated creativity and peace.
and I decided that's the kind of environment I must create in my home.

So I started to work.
Poor john has probably heard the phrase 'cultivate creativity' over one hundred times this week.
I've put in at least a little effort everyday in our yard/garden.
I've finally arranged our utility room into my crafting studio.
I've made some goals for a little business I hope to start up some day.
I went to the book store and bought a few new books that I'd like to cozy up with.

Mostly though, I've changed my perspective and my priorities.
I've decided I need to spend more quality time with my family and push myself to do some thing creative, no matter how small, everyday.

So far so good, but I'll definitely keep y'all posted.

Below are a few shots from our quality-time afternoon at the Austin Zoo saturday morning!

p.s. Please forgive me if this post was a bit choppy, while writing it I am watching Back to the Future with my dearest Boyfriend ... there are no rules about multitasking!


  1. I love how happy Redding looks in these photos! What fun to take your baby to the zoo. I look forward to when we can take Redding and Eva Jane to the zoo together!

    And I love your new priorities. Sounds very healthy. :)

  2. Hi there! (First time commenting.. I think... pretty new to your space - but I likey)! I appreciate a good honest mama rant.. and love that you're making a priority of creativity in your home, best of luck with those goals/dreams/desires!
    You rock.
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

    1. I'm so glad you commented thanks! and what I great blog! I really enjoyed peaking into your world!

  3. I think we all feel like a waste from time to time, I know I do. I'm glad you're able to motivate and get out to the zoo and re-focus on your creativity; creativity and outings always help me to de-funk. -Katie K

  4. I've been feeling the same way recently, and like you I realized it's all about your environment. I may not be able to go out and make a bunch of awesome friends who inspire me, but I can have my own creative environment at home that makes me feel productive.

    The zoo pictures are too cute, and I love your bangs!!

    1. thanks about the bangs, I just trimmed them.
      Hey have you made it to austin yet? it was this month right? (although I never finished that email ... nor have been on the email account since, geez! i've got to link them up!)

  5. Yes! I love this. I totally agree that creativity has to be cultivated. You're far more creative than I am, so I think you'll have a better gauge of how true this is, but I find that creativity is actually pretty hard work. A lot of times, for me anyway, its a matter of just doing things whether i'm feeling creative or not. i always think of this quote by Chuck Close "Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work."

    PS it was so good to talk to you yesterday--it sounds like you have a TON of amazing ideas going on, and i can't wait to see them unfold. so so so excited.

  6. wow-after reading your post the other day, i was touched by how open you were.But THIS post hit me hard. I have a little boy about the same age as yours (Dodger, he's 16 mo.) and though i love him like a beast, i often feel like a failure for not using my masters degrees. I bring him to work with me-super lucky, i know-but i often feel like i am compromising both as a mom and as a dance teacher, since i am working as both at once. I have a million stories half written, dresses half made, scarves half knit-and am embarrassed at how often I have the Aquabats Super Show on just so i can have a cup of tea in semi-ska soundtracked peace. This post really helped me feel less alone. Thank you for writing it.

    1. Dodger!!! It's like in Oliver! (or not, but I do love that musical).
      It sounds to me like you are a badass! Why is it that we always doubt ourselves but have such an easy time seeing greatness in others? eh, strange. Anyways! cheers to seeing it in ourselves!!! :)