Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Minnetonkas ... and a little Fashion

It's almost hilarious that somewhere in my mind I think this can be a fashion blog.  The thought alone of dressing in a way that does not scream "I'm-a-stay-at-home-mom-and-haven't-brushed-my-hair-in-two-weeks' is crazy.  Not to mention having the time to photograph myself is damn near impossible.

However, the inspiration came yesterday when I found a box on my front porch from Saks fifth Avenue.  After I stopped being angry at John when I realized it was not a gift from him to me, I became incredibly excited about these absolutely adorable new shoes for Redding!
What a doting family I have! My loveliest Aunt and Cousin sent them for him (as well as a matching pair for his cousin, who incidentally, should be born at any moment now).

SO, not only did I have time to dress my child and myself this morning, I also remembered to grab the camera as we were running out the door (what are the chances, really?)
I think you can see the pride on my face in these pictures :) haha

we are wearing ...

skirt: vintage
jacket: anthro
shirt: well, it's just an old ramones shirt
earrings: anthro
shoes: timberland

shoes: minnetonka
onesie: harajuki mini (Target)
jacket: Janie & Jack
hat: Janie & jack



  1. Ack!! Too much cuteness for one post.. stop that! lol Redding is delightfully dapper here - I so wish my lil' guy could wear a hat like that (his cranium is too massive to fit!). Total skirt envy happening over here - LOVE that colour/pattern!!
    needle and nest design

  2. Oh y'all are too cute. The mocs are hysterical. I miss that little guy. Can y'all please move closer?

  3. that shoes only photo is wonderful! - katie k

  4. love the harajuku mini line-so soft too! your tiny manfriend is just so dashing!

  5. too. much. cuteness. you and him both. can't wait to seeeee you!