Monday, April 8, 2013

Bachelorette Party DIY: keepin' it cute & classy

My girlfriends wedding is just around the corner. And we had the most fabulous night of girly, dancing, celebrating.  I made her two veils and pins, because I wasn't sure if she'd rather be silly & whimsical or sweet & classy.  She is such a fun girl she just wore them all together! I loved it!
My favorite is the 'Key-to-my-Heart' pin I made.  Although the pictures didn't come out that clear, it says 'For Josiah' and has their wedding date on it.

Here are some photos from our bachelorette party:



  1. Y'all look so pretty! Great little things you made your girlfriend.. bet it was a fun day/night!

  2. that is SO sweet - katiek