Monday, June 17, 2013

a summertime announcement

It smells like summer around here. Or more specifically, Redding smells like summer. I was just curled up with him to take a nap, one of my all-time-favorite routines, when he put his hand in my face.  It smelled of pineapple and chlorine, mmmmm.  Although I felt a slight tinge of guilt, when I realized it should smell of sunscreen.  For the first time in a long time I've felt like myself today, however I still managed to forget the sunscreen. Motherhood fail.
I think I fell to sleep in early april only to wake up this morning and find that my spring-planted garden is in full bloom, my son has grown inches taller, and my uterus in now bulging underneath my bellybutton.
A baby!  ... or a fetus, to be more exact.
I would like to write more about the beginnings of my pregnancy, but I'm afraid to ruin my good day with thoughts of exhaustion and endless vomiting.  But, I'm happy. We are happy.
This is a happy day. But, beware, the wrath of this crazy pregnant girl is sure to reign soon.



    not enough "h" would ever suffice. So happy for you and John! Congrats mama <3 Megan

  2. How exciting!! Congrats to you.. I know pregnancy can be so MEAN .. but we all know how worth it it is!! Lucky you guys. Hope it all goes well.

  3. Congratulations sweet mama x2! I am SOOOO excited for you! I'll just have to live through you for now! ;) It's incredibly hard but you're amazing! :D

  4. Yay Hooray and Congratulations!!! So excited for you! :)

  5. HOORAY! so excited and happy for you guys! (and i love these pics!) :)

  6. Big congrats!!! I spent last summer in the first trimester with my now-4 month old son, and had hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness).Definitely get not feeling like one's self. Regardless of the blahs, a BABY!! Big, happy changes for your family!