Friday, June 21, 2013

my kickstarter! Hello I'm a Cyclist!

I'm so excited to share my kickstarter with y'all! Perhaps you remember when I talked about it before?  We have been working really hard to get more people involved.  The community support we've gotten has been just overwhelming! (If you are an austinite, you can find a list of our supporters on our Facebook about page).
All this extra encouragement has really helped us to believe we can expand our goals! Although we love the simple sticker aspect, we could reach more people by cab advertisements and billboards (fingers crossed).

You can read more about the project on our kickstarter page. I do want to share with you though, that you don't have to be from Austin or even a cyclist to support and share this project.  This day in age I believe we could all use a project like this.  With all the advantages the internet and social media has brought us, it has caused us to dehumanize others.  I think seeing a sticker like this could not only remind you to not drive recklessly, but also to think twice before you cut someone off, to consider the the hard day someone else could be having and to remember everyone is special to someone - so to respect each other, on and off the road.

Please help me by sharing the link:
or video onto all your social media outlets! We need help getting this out there!

Many Many thanks! <3 andrea

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