Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marfa Tx

A couple of months ago, you might remember that John took redding and I on a camping excursion for my birthday.  An idea much more fun before the morning sickness actually set it.  I was such a trooper though, as all women are when trudging through their first trimesters. 
It's not hard to have a good time in Marfa though, the tiny west texas town just screams of art, culture and well ... hipness, to be honest.  And I just love drinking it in every time I visit. 


  1. I've heard you (and others) rave about marfa before, but never been or seen pics of it... but these are awesome--and i can TOTALLY see how you would love it. adding it to my "places to visit" list :) xo

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it fabulous? It's actually a hotel-of sorts. El Cosmico. You can rent Teepees, trailers, or a spot to set up your tent. They have a community kitchen and bathroom (with outside showers!!!) It would probably be a SUPER fun place to stay, sans kids, during one of marfa's festivals.
      It's pricey to rent that teepee, I've always wanted to though, so it was a special one-night treat from John <3

    2. Andrea - how far in advance did you book it? I tried to book for october marfa 100 and it's sold out :(

    3. eeek, if you are doing any type of event you probably have to book WAY in advance. there are only 2 or 3 teepees like this.
      We went at an off time, so only booked 3 weeks in advance.

  3. Sure do wish I could have seen you guys:) love love and many congratulations on your new little bun in the oven!!!