Thursday, August 8, 2013

bamboo, books, records & striped socks

What I'm enjoying most about this lovely day:

1. Bamboo. If you're like me, you would love to have fresh flowers in at least two places in your home at all points in time.  But, seeing is that's too expensive, you settle for potted plants.  After killing far too many of those you are left bummed and wondering what options you have left. BAMBOO!  They are just perfect for me, the stalks I purchased ranged from 2-5$ each and they grow in water.  So you can finally find a use for all those cool jars you've been saving. 
2. That darn kid. sheeeeesh.
3. My new book. Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey.  I think it's classified as young adult, but either way, it is definitely a coming of age book, similar to To Kill a Mockingbird in that the young hero is forced by events outside of himself to come to terms with life.  The protagonist, a boy of thirteen, is written so well, it feels like you're a 13 year old (boy?) all over again.  It's sort of a who-done-it ... and those are capable of turning out disappointing, but I am almost finished and have very high hopes. 
4. The Velvet Underground. But here listen for yourself: Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground on Grooveshark
5. Comfy clothes and afternoon cups of coffee.


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