Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Days Lately

Days lately are good, probably even better than good. But you wouldn't know that from being around me. I just cry. all. the. time.  

Tears because I'm hungry.
Tears because I don't know what I want to eat.
Tears because I don't know if I even want children.
Tears because maybe I shouldn't have painted the cabinets pink (Its 'Guava Jelly' dammit!)
Tears because I'm tired of watching thomas the train.
Tears because I drink too much coffee for a pregnant person.
Tears because my hair is dirty.
Tears because my phone is ringing.
Tears because no one calls me.
Tears because John parked in the drive way.
Tears because I then decided to hit his car.
... you get the picture.

At least when you're pregnant for the second time, you know it will end.  I remember when I was pregnant with Redding I would question my sanity: "Have I always been like this and I'm just now realizing it?"  or I remember asking: "Is this forever?"
At least now I know I only have 3 more months of pregnant-crazy.... and then a few (8?) months of postpartum-crazy ... and then I'll be ok.  Or at least as 'ok' as I ever was.  oh dear. :) 

On this tear-free moment though, I'd like to wish you a very happy Wednesday! 
<3 andrea


  1. Hang in there! I remember those days! I cry for no reason quite frequently and I haven't had a baby in 12 years. At least you know why. :)

    1. ah! thanks! I love that you said that. I cry for no reason many times when I'm not pregnant also. Sometimes it just feels good :)

  2. Aw, hang in there! I hope you feel better, soon :]

  3. OH yes...the insanity that becomes you during pregnancy! (3 weeks left to go for me, woot woot!) Did something incredibly stupid at work, got yelled out in front of multiple people by a neurosurgeon, but waited to cry until that night after I ran our car off half a drive way, getting it stuck with my 2 year old in the back, requiring a crowd of guys to lift it back up as I stand their in embarrasement at this incompetent person that is me! Cheers! ;) Love ya!