Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY: making over my Ikea entertainment center

I remember the first time I went home with john (which just maybe was only supposed to be a one-time thing ...*cough cough, now three years later...)  The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the TV.  It was huge and in your (my) face.  I hadn't owned a TV in 10 years since I moved out of my parents house and I definitely wasn't looking for a man with who needed one.  
Once I got to know him though,  I realized how little he used it and I just marked it up to a man having too much time and money in his mid thirties (thank god I gave him something to spend time and money on, am I right?) :)
After my many 'hey baby, we should get rid of the tv' comments over the past few years, I've learned it's never going to happen.  I'd also be lying if I said I didn't enjoy watching movies on it now and then. 

Once the TV and I made our peace,  I began searching for how to decorate a room with a TV in it.  My favorites are herehere and here (you can find more ideas on that pinterest board).  
I found that each have two things in common. 1). A fabulous piece of furniture  2). Pictures/wall hangings around the TV that made it part of the composition.

If we had a couple thousand dollars laying around (ha) I'd buy an amazing mid-century credenza to use as an entertainment center.  But as it is, I would have to do a makeover.  And thus my project began.

1. Sand. Really, this should be steps 1-5, because you need to sand the ever loving bejezzus out of it.  This is crucial in painting most furniture, but especially when painting the cheap, ikea laminate stuff.
- I used and Orbital Sander. I purchased the cheapest one home depot had which was under 50$ and it worked perfectly (when I asked John if I could get away with the cheapest one he responded "unless you plan on sanding everything in the house it should be fine" ... muahhaha, little does he know!)
- What's nice about ikea furniture, is you can easily take it completely apart to do all the sanding and painting (be sure to have a little paint left over though, incase anything scratches while putting it back together).

2. Primer.  Because I was going from black to yellow, I had to do 3 coats of primer, making sure you could  no longer see any black underneath.  This is not essential though, so if you're not going from dark to light you might only need one coat.  I used Killz, just because that's what we had at our house.

3. Paint. Oh how much fun it is to choose paint colors.  (make sure your primer is completely dry!!!)

4. Take the feet to the furniture off and spray paint those ... whatever color you like! I chose a metallic chrome. Although, you can totally buy new feet that would add SO much to the furniture, I just wasn't that into it this time.

5. I glued the fabric straight onto the inside of the glass using 3M77 (definitely do this outside and being pregnant, I should've had someone else do it ... it is SUPER strong smelling).

6. For added appeal I purchased a door knob at anthropologie and replaced the drawers with baskets.