Monday, September 16, 2013

Maternity Fashion: 28 weeks

98% of the time, us pregnant gals like to keep it real.  And by real, I mean comfy.  No belts, or anything unnecessarily constricting us.  There is way too much bodily discomfort already happening to add anything tight to that.  
But, mentally and emotionally we have so many insecurities going on ("I am turning into a big blob" one might* wail to their partner), that we have to do something to spruce it up, make us feel cute. 
Ok, so here, I am wearing a oversized button-down and my most comfortable pair of jorts (which john has warned me is a fashion fauxpaux in some circles ... obviously ones outside the city of Austin...)
To off-blanace (or feminize) the oversized comfyness, I have cute shoes, knee socks and pigtails.  All things that make me feel cute (and that's what it's really all about, isn't it? Not how you look, but how you feel).

Well, there are piles of laundry to be folded and trucks to be played with! Happy Monday!


  1. Girl, you are adorable! Those socks look so comfortable!

  2. you look super cute indeed, I love that look^_^

  3. cute! Visiting via A beautiful Mess. you have great style!

  4. You look adorable- love the socks and boots! Your home tour was awesome, love your blog!