Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pregnant Brain

It blows my mind how quickly things shift from trimester to trimester during pregnancy.  It is as quick as flipping a switch.  At 14 weeks pregnant, things changed dramatically, overnight.  I stopped throwing up.  I got my energy back.  And poor john had to start ducking his head because my fists were flying (so, I maybe had a slight anger problem in the last few months...)
This week it has been just as noticeable.  I have entered the third trimester, and can't believe I had ever forgotten what it is all about.
The amazing amount of energy that I've been running around with the last few months is slipping through my fingertips, as I mother my child from the couch.  Breathlessness comes from tasks as small as putting on my shoes.  I've started to wake up multiple times in the night for no apparent reason (other than the genius way your body prepares you for having a newborn. thanks a lot body).  And all hail the return of Fluff-Brain!  I've literally been trying to read the same chapter in a book for the last week now, I just stare at the pages as my eyes take the words in and out of focus and my brain thinks of absolutely nothing. nothing. I am literally blank.
Oh pregnancy and motherhood.  Such sweet times.  Sweet times that are also annoying as all hell.

Here you go, the perfect example of my brain these days.  I sat here for more minutes than I'd like to admit trying to decide whether to post the color or b&w version of this picture.  AND yes, that is the air mattress that has been blown up in our living room for the last week. :)


p.s. disclaimer: I've never actually punched, or tried to punch john ... I meant 'fists were flying' in the verbal sense... of course. Much better ... right? right? 


  1. Congrats on entering the third trimester! Haha, I'm glad you put in the disclaimer about fists flying, was wondering there for a minute ;)

    1. haha! i know, I reread that and thought 'oh dear, someone is really going to think I hit my poor boyfriend'!

  2. I'm 9.5 weeks with an almost 3 year old son and boy can I relate! I'm sick constantly, and I've noticed that I have anger issues too. Lovely hormones. I've always hated being pregnant so I kinda knew what I was getting myself into but doesn't make it any more fun. I know that I'm lucky to be pregnant and all that but still. IT'S HARD! If only the hubster could carry the baby for me. LOL In a perfect world!