Friday, September 13, 2013

The (Midcentury Modern) house that Jack built.

On our vacation last week, we were able to visit the AHhhmazing Pacific Palisades house my grandfather built in 1965.  The house, built on the mountain overlooking the ocean and Santa Monica, was designed solely for the view.  Actually, every single room has it's own sliding glass door to the back porch. 
From the terrazzo floors to the gold fixtures, everything in this house is the incredible midcentury modern style that I love.  It's heartbreaking actually, because sooner rather than later the house will probably be sold to someone who wont appreciate the midcentury architecture and just tear it down.  But, maybe (hopefully) a lover of the style will find it and will love it the way we do.

 Here are some photos I dug up of what the interior looked like in the 60's: 

My grandparents were absolutely adorable.  Actually, that's a complete lie.  They were super feisty, opinionated and ornery.  But, they were incredibly loving and doting parents and grandparents.  We definitely didn't lack for anything when with them.  My Grandpa was one of the most creative and innovative people I've known, although I didn't appreciate or understand that much when he was alive and my grandmother, along with other things, taught me that Yes! you can have dessert after breakfast!



  1. What a stunningly beautiful home! Your grandfather was a brilliant designer! Oh, I hope, if it sells, that someone values its beauty! It would be such a tragically lost gem.

  2. You have your grandma's dimples! Also, that house is gorgeous

  3. What a simply groovy pad. I love their photo. They are so cute.

  4. This house is amazing and your grandparents sound like they were too. so glad to find your blog on ABM today.

  5. This house is amazing and your grandparents sound like they were too. so glad to find your blog on ABM today.

  6. i live right nearby and would buy that sweet house in a second! if only i could afford it :P

    1. oh what a beautiful area to live in! I've been aching to go back, something about being so close to the ocean is good for the soul, yeah?
      (and me too! I wish I could afford to buy it!)

  7. Oh my gosh those old photos are amazing!! How special!

  8. This is my dream home, for sure. How special that your grandparents built it and I really hope someone that appreciates it buys it. What a great tribute to them, I know what you mean about having grandparents that were great but super feisty and ornery ;)

  9. I am so in love with this style. And it breaks my heart to imagine all of the amazing houses like this one that are being replaced by the boring cookie-cutter style of today. I hope, like the rest, that someone who can appreciate it bought it and is keeping it up to it's full glory. The more I read your blog the more I love it :)