Saturday, October 26, 2013

SUPER MOM ... a halloween costume!

I have been no where near super-mom-material lately (mothering a toddler is SO hard when you are dealing with a pregnancy temper!)   I  decided, however, that for halloween I would go as a Super Mom... or 'Super Andrea' to be more exact.  This morning John asked me what my super power was and I completely drew a blank.  Oh no! What is it?  But, then after a (very) short bike ride, I thought ... wait! this is my super power! Riding a bike at 33 weeks pregnant!  Keeping up with a 21 month old while 33 weeks pregnant. and DUH! how about growing a freaking PERSON (again)! BOOM!  If that's not a super power, I don't know what is! (!!!)  So, how about it moms, don't have a costume yet this year? Grab a cape and go as a superhero! Because you are one!!!

(and this post is totally doubling as my maternity fashion post ... with all my sequin sewing I've been doing, I just haven't had the time to get gussied up this week!)

To the Sea


  1. Um, so this is just beyond fabulous! And growing a person is TOTALLY a super power!

  2. Yip we are superheroes! Love that reversible mask!
    yes you are amazing riding at 33wks... my centre of gravity goes haywire and riding was too freaky a sensation for me!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. You look so cute!

  4. Ha, I love this costume so much!! I'm totally copying it next year :-)

  5. hahah this is AWESOME!! i love it! so so so cute :)

  6. You are so adorable and I could not agree more with being a mom/pregnant mom is so tough! my oldest and middle child are about the same months apart as your little ones and i remember wanting to snap heads off some days during the end of my daughters pregnancy!

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