Friday, November 22, 2013

Maternity Fashion

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There are plenty of reasons to be upset when your baby is born prematurely.  Real reasons that matter greatly, like you know ... the health of your sweet baby.  Other reasons that are important, but in the long run, do not really matter... like not getting the home birth experience you were hoping for.  And reasons that don't matter at all, but are a bit of a bummer non-the-less, like not getting to finish your maternity fashion blog posts.  I realize how silly this is, but today I was disappointed when I opened my closet and saw a few outfits I had been intending to photograph myself in.  
Oh well.  All's well that ends well (as I glance down at the sweet healthy baby in my lap).


  1. I'm glad to hear your baby is home and healthy! You can still wear your outfits, they will just not have the bump ;]

  2. theres alway next time for the outfits! ;) glad you're all happy and healthy though xxx

  3. You are so cute! Love all the outfits.