Monday, December 30, 2013

diy nye hats

Supplies for hats:
 1. felt
 2. ric-rac or ribbon
 3. gold pipe cleaner
 4. glue gun
 5. paper plate
 After cutting the paper plate the size you'd like your hat, hot glue felt to it and ribbon around the edges.  We then glued our pipe cleaner to the hat (in the shape of 'new year,' we didn't have room for 'happy' and figured it was implied). :)
 You could make this a clip or a head band, depending on what you have laying around the house, we just used the same ribbon we used as edging to use as a headband.

Holy cow! look at how much my boy has grown in the last year.

Check last year's hats with a picture tutorial here 
And the headbands I made the year before here

I wish you all a Happy Happy New Year and a very fun (and safe!!!) New Years Eve!
love, andrea

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