Thursday, December 12, 2013

My very Vintage Christmas & the story of Plastic Santa

A few days ago Redding and I made the most incredible train track.  By pulling multiple tables together, we were able to build a track that had four separate levels, zooming in and out and under block towers.  I built and he followed closely behind with the 'choo choo' checking my handywork for durability.  Before we were able to tie up all the loose ends though, we ran out of tracks.  Redding looked at me with his big (gorgeous) eyes and signing for 'more' said "brrr choo choo chaks?" I explained to him that we used them all up, but perhaps Santa Claus could bring more on Christmas.  He then walked over to the light up Santa we have in the living room (his only reference for what or who a 'Santa Claus' is), squatted down to his level and looking at it ever so earnestly said "brrr choo choo chaks?"
Poor kid, what a bizarre tradition we have, that of Santa bringing kids toys.  For now my toddler will just think that the little, plastic, light-up man in the corner of the room will bring him train tracks.  But some day I look forward to sharing with him the fun behind make-believe and magic and Santa Claus. 


  1. That beaded/buttoned tree is absolutely beautiful! Did you make it yourself? Ci x

    1. I did, but I think it was something pretty common back in the day. I've seen many at vintage stores and that's where I got the idea.