Friday, December 27, 2013

NYE fashion: casually glamorous

Glamorous doesn't always have to mean sequined dresses and stiletto heels.  You may not be the kind of person that likes wearing that or perhaps like me, you ride a bike most places and pants are much more practical.  But whatever the reason, we really enjoyed piecing together these outfits that were elegant, but not over the top.
What better excuse to do a fashion photo shoot, than your best friend being in town and the most amazing Christmas present ever (yes, I'm talking about that gorgeous sofa!)  So this blonde knockout is my bestie, katie.  Perhaps you remember her from posts like this one. She is truly dear to my heart.  What a good friend.  She no longer lives in Austin, but made it a point this holiday to spend 4 straight days at my house doing nothing but changing diapers, cleaning, crafting and watching movies.  Such a sweet friend. 
Happy fashioning! Have you had any favorite outfits this holiday season?
Love, andrea

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