Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stockings hung by a-stick-painted-gold... with care

Last week I actually googled 'where to hang stockings',  as there were millions of results, i figure this is a pretty common problem.  The best ideas I found came from Apartment Therapy (they included from your bedpost and from an old ladder).  
I chose to pick out a stick from my backyard, spray painted it gold and hung it from the ceiling.  Pretty darn easy... and pretty darn adorable! 
love, andrea


  1. That is pretty darn cute! I like it.

  2. Did you make your stockings too? They are adorable! Can't wait to see what the new one will be.

    1. Thanks! yes, I made those stockings a couple years ago and am absolutely thrilled with them. I did end up getting Bernadette's finished, although I'm not sure how much it goes with the others. ergh. I'll post pics soon!