Monday, January 27, 2014

layering for practicality

The last thing a new mother needs to be thinking of is how to dress.  You have enough on your plate with learning to breastfeed, changing diapers, living on 4 hours of sleep and dealing with the bottomless pit in your stomach (seriously, you'd think I was running marathons if you saw how much I eat everyday).  Trust me, I'm not afflicted with modesty.  I'm an advocate in wearing what you can, whipping out the breast however you can and feeding that baby wherever you are (the image that comes to my mind, is breastfeeding bernadette last week while walking through the grocery store, gathering our food for dinner and chasing after redding.  Probably showing the store much more than anyone bargained for since Bernadette doesn't have a strong latch....).   However, I know many mamas that won't nurse in public because of comfort.  And the last thing you need to worry about is when and how to get to the store. So! let me tell you a trick i've learned over the last couple years.  Layers.  I know a friend that wore a nursing tank under a teeshirt, that way her chest and stomach were always covered.  I myself, just live in button down shirts for the first 6 months of my child's life, easy access.  And layers are always so cute and stylish (look at men's fashion, the more the better) ... they are also a great way to hide the comfy-mommy-tummy that doesn't ever seem to go away. :)
glasses: persols/whiteshirt:anntaylor/striped shirt:urban outfitters/jeans:anthro/shoes:clarks
love, andrea


  1. Love your layers! And thanks for the button down tip. My babe is due any day now and I appreciate any advice i can get :)!

    1. oh girl! congrats! that's wonderful! best advice, just stay home with that baby first two months (i mean leave on mama adventures to target all you want in the evening, just leave the baby at home). it's just too hard with leaky breasts and a baby learning how to nurse to get out of the house! We are just now getting out - me and the two kids, and it's always slightly traumatic ... i just have to always remind myself, a thousand women have done this before me! I'm not alone!
      annnnnyways, congrats! happy birthing juju!

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    1. aren't they the best!? TOTALLY ten dollars at anthropologie! ;)