Tuesday, January 14, 2014

my how time flies!

Yesterday was Redding's second birthday, and while I have many pictures to sift through, i thought i'd share this.  My my! how time flies.  I feel, I feel… I feel so many things, I don't even know how to begin to write about them.  Bernadette is in my arms and I can hear Redding in the next room playing with his new birthday toys and my heart is full.   (don't get me wrong, i don't always feel like this, ten minutes ago I wanted to stomp to my room, slam the door and scream 'feed yourselves'… luckily I remembered to breathe and take a sip of my coffee instead).
When I look over the last year I have to wonder if I was present enough.  If I really slowed down to enjoy the little moments with my family.  In case you haven't figured it out through this blog, I have trouble stopping.  I go go go.  I clean constantly, I'm always working on new projects and looking to the next fun thing.  It's hard for me to slow down and sit.  (It's something smokers get, that the rest of us forget to do. stop. go outside. and just sit with yourself for five minutes).

Although I didn't make any formal new years resolutions, I have had a little theme or idea for 2014 in my mind.  To take it slowly. to be present. (what's that book? the 'power of now', or something? maybe i'll finally read that after years and years of it being recommended).
love, andrea


  1. Thank you for the fun song I turned it up and danced with Luna in the living room.
    Andrea, you are such an amazing artist and mom. I love reading your blogs and I can relate on almost every level with the go,go,go!!!!!! I'm still FREAKIN breastfeeding and I spend my time running away from Luna and hiding. I'm so over it! This child eats everything we do, but insist on still being breastfed.....not cool. Keep up the amazing art (you call it craft, I call it art :) you are one of a kind. Happy Birthday Redding and xoxoxooxo little Bernadette.
    You go girl!
    much love, t

  2. LOVE the new blog name and look. I haven't been following your blog for long, but it is always a treat when I come to see what your up to. I know this feeling of time flying by. My twin boys will be NINE! in April. Just doesn't seem right. And I often feel the same way.....was I even watching what was going on? My hopeful for this year is to "Focus on What Matters". It helps when I remember an old saying(not sure where it is from) "All the days that came and went and I did not realize it was life itself". Have a great week! Enjoy those babies.