Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Maternity Fashion with Katrina

Sometimes I have this weird feeling that I want to be pregnant again. Weird. Very weird.  But, when I examine those feelings, of course I do not really want to be pregnant or do I want (or need) another baby.  I just feel like I missed out on my last pregnancy.  Now of course if I ever do get knocked-up again and you remind me of this in the last 6 weeks, I'll probably shoot you.  But, I can say it now. I think it's one of the many bummers about having a preemie, you don't get to experience the last bit of pregnancy. Which is mostly miserable, granted ... filled with back aches, peeing, and wishing you could fall to sleep.  But it's also a time of bonding with your baby and being considered a badass for just about anything, because come on, you're making a person and everybody knows it.
As I mentioned before I was also a little bummed that I couldn't finish my maternity fashion series.  I'm not sure why, but even though you feel much less like a pregnant goddess and much more like a bloated whale, it's really fun to dress-up that bump!  So I was super excited when my Sister-in-law agreed to take some photos throughout her pregnancy for me.  She has great style and like me is a bargain shopper.  (isn't she stunning!?? I'm so excited my nephew is getting those genes!)
Shirt- banana republic
Skirt- anthropologie; sale
Tights- h&m maternity
Belt: anthropologie; sale
Scarf- thrifted
Jacket- forever 21
Shoes- Florence, Italy (jealous!)
(I noticed the only actual 'maternity' clothes she is wearing is the tights.  I think finding normal people clothes that will fit over that bump is always the best idea.  Actual maternity clothes can be so tacky ... think pink bows)
love, andrea

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