Tuesday, February 18, 2014

fashion: black lacy skirt with grandma's silk blouse

Shirt/Skirt:vintage | belt/shoes:thrifted | tights:target
Hello! happy tuesday. It was the most beautiful three day weekend here in austin, plenty of time with my babies, time with my man, time with my ladies and time to create (AND all in 70+ weather!)  I feel energized and ready for a new week! 
umm, so, I absolutely adore this outfit. The skirt is nice and high wasted which holds in my 'momness' (you know, the soft lower belly, which I love because, you know... it held babies, but i hate when it folds over lower-cut clothing.  Please high-wasted clothing, stay in style forever!)  And the shirt was my grandmothers, I've had it for about ten years and I feel like it is finally in style (i've worn it more in the last year than I had the previous 9 combined).
Did you have a three day weekend? how did it go? 
love, andrea


  1. this is such a fun and flirty mix- i love all the playful ruffles!

    xo marlen
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  2. The lace at the back really helps fit the dress to your body and for a white dress it makes you look as slim as it gets. The trail is gorgeous too. If you are looking to save money on it, this is a good choice