Monday, February 24, 2014

his old house

One of our dearest friends keith (see the good-lookin' fella pictured above) just bought a house walking distance to our own. we couldn't be more thrilled. however, in doing this, he is moving out of the beautiful old house he has been renting for the last 15 years ... and of course it is getting torn down so they can build a monstrosity in it's place. I adore old houses, old fixtures, old tile and original hardwood flooring.  I just hate the idea of it being demolished.  So today during his farewell bash, i walked around the house snapping pictures of some of my favorite things.
Houses are funny things aren't they? in this case it's just a bunch a concrete, but the energy it holds in it is very real.  I've always liked the saying 'if these walls could talk', even as over used as it is.  Whenever i hear it, i find myself getting lost in imaginings of the past.
But, here is to the future with our good friends and their new home ... and to the new whiskey-drinkin,' chair-rocking, front porch of theirs.
happy monday folks! love, andrea 


  1. It's so sad that a place with such personality is getting torn down! At least you got to visit it once last time and capture some of its quirks with your camera.

  2. It is sad to think of all the buildings and architecture that has been pulled down, all over the world. Only to be replaced with banality. At least you have some lovely photographs.

  3. Ugh, I wanted to avoid this post because of the emotion it would stir up but you did the house justice. :)