Sunday, March 30, 2014

a good dog

It was January of 2010, I had been out of my marriage for 6 months and was ready to commit again. This time though I was going to make it easier.  I was going to find someone I could love effortlessly who would show me affections in return.  So, I started making daily trips to the animal shelter.  I had a short list of criteria for the dog which included female and healthy.  Bronson was neither. He wasn't even Bronson then, he was called 'hershey', blind in one eye with broken hip, he was a mess of a dog.  After making the rounds to see the new dogs of the day I would always get 'hershey' out of his kennel, take him on a little walk and play with him.  He never barked and always greeted me with a multitude of slobber. I would sit in his kennel and talk to him and he would listen, in the way only a dog can. 
One day when walking out of the shelter wondering where my dog was, I realized he is my dog. I brought home bronson the next day. Who at first I wanted to name 'hank' (but decided I didn't like the way it sounded when yelling "ha-ank") but because he still reminded me of an old tough-on-the-outside but soft-on-the-inside cowboy, I went with Bronson.
And he's been driving me crazy ever since.
You know how people are always saying dogs and owners look alike? Well, we don't (at least no one has told me so ... yet).  But we sure do act alike.  Bronson, much like myself is overly friendly, easily excitable, unaware of his surroundings, ignores boundaries, needs his autonomy and just wants you to love him. all. the. time.
He eats my food when i'm not looking, sneaks on the furniture in the middle of the night and finds a new way out of the backyard daily.  He has been brought home by animal control more times than i'd like to admit.  And more times than I'd like to admit I've cried to john 'JUST TAKE HIM AWAY, HE CAN'T LIVE HERE ANY MORE'.  But John, being the wise man he is, has never listened to me.
He's my dog and gosh-darnit, I love the hell out of him.
love, andrea


  1. For sure got a bit teary eyed reading this. My dogs drive me insane, one in particular. Matt and I have both stated loudly that SHE HAS TO GO, but here she is, lying next to my bed, doing her best to wait patiently for me to get up to feed her. Her name was Diamond and she was far from healthy when we got her, she is just Dog to us now. To this day I cannot think of a name that would be more fitting; we've had her almost 8 years now. She will make me crazy at least 5 times today, but she's ours :)
    Looking at your boy Bronson, I want to squeeze his next and frolic in a field with him

  2. Our poochies were born to drive us insane! Mine do exactly that every single day. They tease the heck out of each other also!! I love it though. They are very special. Each and every pooch I've rescued throughout the years was wonderful. I think about them all the time. We do get older, sad to say. For me/us to keep adopting is difficult. Would love nothing more. Let's keep lovin our pets! Marcee/ILLINOIS

  3. I just went through the same experience adopting my pup about six weeks ago. Betty was nothing I was expecting - she is a tiny chihuahua/terrier mix, is a bit shy, and was definitely not the pit bull mix I anticipating getting. But she is so sweet, has completely opened up, and she is definitely my dog.