Monday, March 24, 2014

monday fashion: hangin' tough

shirt: urban outfitters 5$/skirt: clothing swap with friends/ denim jacket: vintagestore 15$/ shoes: local army surplus store 70$/ earrings: (local jeweler) gem junkie 5$/ necklace: (local jeweler) WunderkammerCulture 18$
This was another weekend filled with all of my favorite things: bike rides, working in the yard, dancing, baby cuddles and watching cheesy movies with my boyfriend.  I hope your weekend was equally as enjoyable! Happy monday y'all!  love, andrea
p.s. can we give three cheers for high wasted bottoms and crop tops? geeez, so freakin cute! 


  1. Lady, You are such a freaking knockout!

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  3. Hey,I am only listening to this because my mom liked them as a kid.... I wanted to check them out. they are not my style on music... I like skillet and three days grace and stuff like that. lol to me this is kinda disturbing no offense they the likers out there and plus they are not that bad.Thanks to all!!!!
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