Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the Cow and the Train, a post for my boy.

Trains. Our world around here revolves around trains (well that and The Fantastic mr. Fox soundtrack which redding begs to listen to no less than five times a day).  Two year olds are something else man, how do you pack such big intense emotions into such a little body? He breaks my heart daily, he really does ... but I wouldn't have it any other way, i just absolutely adore him.


  1. Seriously... what is it with toddlers & trains? Especially toddlers of the male persuasion. I never knew trains were so cool until my son came along.

  2. Same here. Because of my son, I love a good train ride. Even after 20 years. Lol

  3. Your photographs are always fantastic. Really, I love that you give us these beautiful little glimpses into your beautiful family.
    And that recording that the end. Oh my word. Precious.