Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How he learned to Fly

This is john's dresser. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying he would jump off of it as a little guy attempting to fly.  Which must have been a theme throughout his childhood. The story I've heard from each of his parents multiple times is how he was asked to start wearing clothes to preschool. No longer coming in just a cape and underoos.  It wasn't his lack of clothes that were the problem, or necessarily that he would climb on top of the shelves and jump off.  It was his encouraging other children that they too could fly and convincing them to climb on the furniture and jump off.

I of course, didn't know these stories when I first met him, but my girlfriends and I actually called him 'superman'.  He had this amazing ability to make everything work out. I'm not sure whether it's luck or his positive frame of mind, but things always serendipitously fall into place around him.
I never think of this any more, I've come to take it for granted in our everyday life. It's awful how that happens, isn't it? We choose the most amazing people to place ourselves around and then we become accustomed to them. How important it is to take moments out of this hectic life to remember & appreciate what we have!
Today I am so incredibly grateful for such a supportive partner. My handsome superman.
love, andrea


  1. oh my gosh, jason thought he could fly as a kid, too! haha. what fantastic supermen we have! ;)

  2. this is such a thoughtful post.... I love how his teachers had to ask him to start wearing something other than underwear and a cape to school hahaha. That's perfect. I really liked the show My Little Pony when I was little and I thought I was a pegasus at one time so I jumped off our wooden deck and almost probably broke a bone trying to fly. Oh boy.

    That's also an interesting observation that we try to pick amazing people to surround ourselves with and then start to become used to their ways and sort of expect that amazingness all of the time and take it for granted. I don't have a significant other right now but I need to remember that for when one comes along. :)

    I'm glad you love the Velvet Underground as much as I do! I really need to get one of their vinyls asap. Happy Saturday!

    love, polly

  3. How funny! your post made think about my two brothers ( I am in between them ) The older brother probably 7 at the time would jump from bed to bed "flying like superman" the younger 3 at the time fell :(