Monday, May 12, 2014

Being a Mother

"What's this mama" redding will ask while inquisitively looking down at a tiny piece of what I only assume is a broken tortilla chip.  "That" I say "looks like a piece of trash".  "Oooooh, trrrrrash" he responds while tapping his chin the way his grandma taught him how to when thinking about something really hard.  He then runs to the trashcan to throw it away, only to bring me a new 'treasure' in two minutes.
Motherhood is filled with moments like these. Precious little moments that wouldn't mean much to others, but to a mom they're so dear they almost break us.  Last night when I was singing Redding his bedtime song.  He was standing next to me and leaned down to kiss the top of my head. I had trouble singing the next few lines as I brushed away the tears from my eyes.  I never knew a love so strong before that it hurt my entire body.
How lucky I am to be the mama to these two amazing beings.
I hope all you other mamas had a full heart on this mother's day.
love, andrea

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  1. It's true what you said. Love so strong it actually hurts our body. It's an incredible love to feel. I just celebrated my first mothers day and it was sweet. My lil baby is 4 months old and the huge, gummy smile I get every morning kills me. She looks so happy she could pop. I can't take it! It IS the little things that matter.
    happy mothers day!