Thursday, May 22, 2014

life lately + a few snapshots

Life lately has been messy.  Not necessarily in a bad way, but I'm definitely in the middle of figuring things out.  With each stage your children go through, your parenting and your daily routine have to change a bit.  And as soon as you, the parent, get's adjusted to it, it's time to change again.  
I'm currently trying to get adjusted (again).  While doing this I'm have to take a little break from most things in life (fashion and diy posts to just name a couple).  I'm a 'go go GO' kind of person, but every once in a while I have a few weeks where I slow down, hide out & try to reconnect with myself, the people and the universe around me.  It is nice to notice your breath now and again, isn't it?

"Mom! Mom! I'm banancing" Redding will yell at me.  John and I taught him the word 'balance' last week while walking on a choo choo track, and it is his new favorite thing.  He balances on everything.
He is also 'loving' everything and everyone. "Oh! My love this car!" "Oh! My love this raisin."
I worry about him sometimes, in public he can be so timid and shy, quite the opposite of the little person I would've imagined John and I to make.  But, he is who he is. And it is so much fun to see that little person starting to shine out and getting to know him. 

This little bird is just so busy! She is on the go y'all, there is no holding her back.  If she wants something she is perfectly capable of rolling or scooting across the room to get it.  She is also already getting up on her knees and hands rocking back and forth.  She will be crawling in no time! What!? Where'd my little preemie go!??? 
Last week at her wellness check, we realized they forgot to adjust her measurements to her due date.  Without being adjusted, she measured in the 50% for weight and 75% for height! GO GO GADGET BREASTMILK!!!! 
She is happiest when watching or interacting with her big brother.  She is absolutely crazy about him, I've never seen anyone 'make eyes' at someone the way she does at him and oh, how he can make her laugh! 

I felt like this is the best picture to describe my life lately.  Juggling. Balancing. Redding and I both, are learning how to balance :) 
Life is good though. Very good, actually.  I've been finding tiny bits of time here and there to do all the things i love.  Most moments I've gotten alone though, I've been (finally) journaling about Bernadette's hospital stay.  It is more emotionally draining than I even imagined it could be.  However I know by the end of it I will find a peace with that very painful and lonely time and be able to shut that chapter of my life.


  1. showed my mom that bathing suit photo of Birdie and she about died. She LOVES babies in bikinis so much! And Redding just needs more time to warm up to folks, and then he's giggling along with them :)

    1. you're totally right, he's just slow-to-warm up ... which is probably better!

  2. My daughter Natalie is the same age as Redding and is also very timid in public - but at home she is always talking, laughing, being a goof! It sometimes worries me and I wonder what / if I am doing anything wrong? But after a lot of thought, I'm pretty sure it's just a phase and their way of confronting an increasingly complex world - they're learning so much and taking so much in.
    Anyhow...your two munchkins are beautiful and the pic of Bernadette in the bathing suit seriously adorable.

    1. you're right. It makes me feel silly to worry about it! It seems like a good quality to observe first!
      and thank you thank you!

  3. No worries,you are doing great! Your kids love ya...that's all that matters, it's all part of the song and dance of life =)

    1. yes! thanks (and wow, Antonietta? what a fabulous name!)