Thursday, May 15, 2014

that's the way the *cake* crumbles

I had the whole day planned out almost down to the minute.  I was going to help throw John's adult-only birthday party in the evening, I was going to have a sweet-family party for him with the kids when he got off of work, we were going to meet him for lunch, I was going to clean the house, decorate the house, make a cake and I was going to do all of this while looking delightfully cute with makeup on.  In the back of my mind I thought I could snap a shot of my perfect cake, for my perfect family, in my perfect house and write a blog post about it. (HA!)
Needless to say I forgot to mention this plan to my two year old the night before, otherwise I'm sure he would've woken up cheerful, cooperative and without a snot-faucet for a nose.
Makeup never got put on, the bathroom never got scrubbed, the laundry (still isn't) folded, there were no eggs for the cake and my two year old chose this day for his violent-towards-his-sister debut.

 When I got the cake out of the oven it crumbled in my hands.  But I'd be damned if I wasn't going to get the icing on it.  At that moment, with the cake falling to pieces under my tears and the store-bought icing, my son came up to me and said 'Mmmmmm, mama! I want to eat that cake!"  To him, it was the best cake he had ever seen.  Thats when I gave up. I let him put the candles in it and decided it was time to move on.  Because really who cared about the house being clean, my wearing makeup and the cake looking perfect?

You know, what makes parenting so hard is our own expectations.  If I could just figure out how to get out of the damn way and let life happen, it would really be much more enjoyable.  I have no idea how to do this, but I am determined to start trying and stop judging myself in the process.
Love, andrea
get a load of that cake!!! hahaha


  1. "but I am determined to start trying and stop judging myself in the process" love it! Me too friend

  2. Yet you have managed to find this brilliant insight and share it! WIN!
    I really need this reminder today so thankyou!
    Cheers to no make-up and a messy home! X

  3. I just breathed a little sigh of relief and understanding reading this. Great post!

  4. imperfectly perfect, huh? You're doing great!

  5. love this post! i'd still eat that cake :)