Monday, July 28, 2014

A White and Gold diy Birthday

For my girlfriend Julia's birthday I wanted to create something classy, but still fun. My palette is normally very vibrant and colorful, but for this birthday dinner, it needed to be simple and elegant.  We had the surprise dinner at Justine's Brasserie, and I was really striving to have the decorations match the ambiance of the restaurant.
The bottles were my idea to make our birthday banner free-standing on the table.  I didn't know where we'd be seated and didn't want to bother our waitress on a busy friday night with hanging a sign (if I can just toot my horn for a moment, I really impressed myself with this idea! I thought it was quite clever!) :)

I've seen so many beautifully decorated balloons on pinterest, I thought it'd be easy to try myself.  This is what I learned: 1. Get the nice kind of balloons 2. Get them filled as full as possible 3. Don't use elmers glue 4. keep the decorating to a minimum 

A little over two years ago I was taking my two month old baby on a walk throughout my neighborhood, when I ran into an adorable mama walking her daughter who was just a few weeks older than mine.  We talked briefly and exchanged phone numbers.  A few weeks later I made that (very difficult) first call and invited her over.  
Friendship takes time, it doesn't happen overnight.  But slowly over the last two years, while pushing swings at the park, walking around the lake, late night glasses of wine, early morning cups of coffee, laughing (and crying) over mothering mistakes, this mama has become one of my dearest friends.  
I felt so privileged to help throw her a little surprise party.
love, andrea

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