Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The totally possible... err, highly probable story of Redding's first curse word

It should be on the record, that although I have the mouth of a sailor around adults, 'Good Golly!' 'Holy Guacamole' and 'Cheese and crackers got all muddy' are phrases you'll hear in my home many times a day.  However, to anyone who doesn't know me, I also happen to be the clumsiest person ...probably in the world (I'd be willing to place quite a bit of money on that, actually).  So every time I break a glass, drop my food, drive onto a curb, is is more than likely my children will hear an 'oh shit!'

So, I'm not so sure why I was so surprised to hear my two year old yell it for the first time the other day.  Perhaps because it wasn't to me, I was in the next room.  Perhaps it was because it was yelled to my most loving, but incredibly conservative parents over FaceTime (yes the same ones that raised me  believing 'butt' and 'crap' were bad words and not to be used).
While changing the baby's diaper in the next room, I listened to Redding bouncing around his bedroom yelling 'Bonkers! Bonkers!' My parents all the while watching very lovingly from the computer screen.  That's when I heard the loud bang followed by the sweetest little voice exclaiming 'OH SHIT!'  There is complete silence, for an awkward amount of time, which is how I know Redding was in fact testing out this phrase.  He was waiting for a response.
'Oh sit? You want to sit down now'? My mom.
I snort in the next room, trying to keep my laughing quiet.  Now there is an experienced parent. What a great response!  I mean, it really did sound like he was saying 'oh sit' ... and perhaps after dropping the toy, he really did just want to sit down?  How are we to know the mind of a two year old  really ... ?

on second thought, I'm pretty sure it was just 'sit' ... because I mean, look at that precious face!
love, andrea

If you also think I am probably the best parent in the world, take the two seconds to click and vote for this blog below!  ... No, ok, totally kidding.  We are watching 'Thomas the train' for the second time today, because the baby is running a fever from teething and I can't seem to get her to take a nap.  I'm still in my pajamas and no one has brushed their teeth in a week (kidding again, but it's definitely not been today).  But, everyone has been fed twice and gotten many (many) kisses and not cursed, so I look at today as a successful parenting day! 
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  1. My precious three and four year olds recently picked up the F word from a boy at their pre-school, so now they've taken to repeating that gem whenever they want to get a rise out of us. I have to cringe anytime it happens in public and people look at me in horror, as in "what kind of parent are you!?!"

  2. I must be a total moron because every time I go to vote for your blog I can't figure it out! I click on your blog name and it takes me back to your blog! Is that what I do? Haha! Help me, help you. (Name that movie)

  3. this totally cracked me up! Made me think of the time my nephew came upstairs to where all of us grownups were hanging out and said: If I say "SH and IT", it's not a bad word, right? these kiddos...

  4. How funny! It sounds so pretty when it comes out of a child's mouth :o)

  5. Ohh Sit! hahahaha.. thats adorable covering curses to kids words can understand... Its a good effort in replacing curses with good terms.. too early for kids to know these horrible words.

    I love this post! Very cute and adorable little girl you have! Keep us posted!