Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bernadette turns one! (back in october)

You know, I expected the first birthday of my little preemie to be an emotional one.  I thought it might be hard to stay in the moment and not drift off to the places we were a year before.  However, it didn't turn out to be the case.  I was able to be fully present in both mind and body, realizing any resentments and frustrations I have surrounding her early birth have washed away.  I believe it was through writing the blog post about my NICU experience and having conversations about it with friends and family that helped secure this time safely in my past, forgiving others and mostly forgiving myself.
Her birthday was a such a sweet celebration of close friends and even a few grandparents were able to make it into town.  Such a fiery spirit my daughter has. She is turning into such a cool little person, I can't wait to continue to watch her personality grow.
<3 andrea 

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  1. oh I love this! super awesome. I'm throwing my daughters first birthday party this sunday and it's basically all I can think about...probably wayyyyy too excited, but I don't care! good to see you back here too, happy new year!