Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Pink Fox Birthday Party

My sweet boy just found out recently that he will get to have another birthday next year, and oh boy! was he excited! (Can you believe it!? Every year! We get to have a party Every year!)
Already three is so amazing. I find myself wanting to freeze time.  Soak in the days of puzzles, bubbles, forts, being excited about the letter 'R' and wanting four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a day. And most of all pink. My boy loves the color pink.

Redding turns ONE! (here and here) ---> notice I used the same piece of ply wood and just painted the other side!
Redding turns TWO! here

Can I please spend my life planning children's birthday parties? So much joy.
love, andrea


  1. Can you spend your life planning MY parties, too? They're always amazing! Love this pink fox party!

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