Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Mural

Exactly four years ago, while still in my nauseous phase of pregnancy with Redding, I finished my senior painting project and put down my brushes.  I didn't pick them up again until three and half years later. It was last fall, when I painted this mural.

I remember at some point during this time I ran into a friend from art school.  She was so interested to know how my paintings had developed 'Oh Andrea! Tell me about how motherhood has changed your process? What are you working on now?'  I'm not sure what I said, but some how I made the process of glittering christmas ornaments sound like, you know, just the coolest thing out there.

Last fall I spoke to someone (who may or may NOT have been a psychic. hush.)  He told me that I may never become a painter, because the block in me was too great.  Obviously he didn't have an understanding of my inner workings (or perhaps he did?), because that was all I needed, it set a fire under me.  Within a week I had finished this painting in my backyard.
Within two months I had a studio space and had completed a large-scale portrait series.

Perhaps this is why this blog has been left behind a little bit?
I think we all just do what we can when we can.  Whether it be blogging, painting or glittering christmas ornaments. As long as we are find a way to get out the crazies while creatively expressing ourselves, that's really all that matters, isn't it?

love love, andrea


  1. wow that's some amazing work! As a mom of 4, although not so little anymore ;) (20,18,12,10) ...I totally get it..."Life" takes over and before you know it, years has gone by...I admire your courage to break through and let those creative juices flowing! Maybe one day I get there myself... you sure are making me think about it :)

  2. The photo of you painting with a babe on yr hip? Most inspiring image I've ever seen. I think the first time I saw it, I teared up.

  3. YES girl. Love it.

  4. I've loved this mural since the first sneak peeks of it on IG and it's just beautiful in all it's glory.

    I especially love hearing how you took such a long "break" from art. Life gets in the way sometimes.

    I love (almost) all things art related and sometimes it's all I do with my spare time. Then there are times, like now, when I realize that my house is stuffed with art supplies, but I haven't actually created (or at least finished) anything in months. It can be a bit disheartening and it can be a bit tough to work that stuff in when you demanding wee ones. But I know I feel so much more "Me" when I'm creating.

  5. Freakin' gorgeous girl: the mural, the baby, the artist. To my dismay, I read your post on marriage and divorce so I guess there's no sense in asking... but maybe we could meet in the middle and forget the labels and legal paperwork b.s? Would you paint this brown man's world if I played you old motown records and wrote you country songs?