Sunday, June 28, 2015

Redding's First Haircut

"Redding what do you think of your new hair cut?"
"I think it's wonderful. I love you mama.... But I've never gotten my haircut before. I want to do it again tomorrow."

After asking for short hair for two weeks, we finally decided it was time to take him to get his haircut.    I was sure once at the barbers, Redding would get scared and change his mind, saying something like 'oh, let's just do it tomorrow.'  However I greatly underestimated the determination of my boy.  His face was very solemn as he sat in the chair.   What was he thinking about? How did it make him feel? He was quiet the entire time, sitting very still.  But as soon as it was over, he was so pleased with his short hair, running to give his sister a hug, he laughed and laughed.
This child blows my mind, he really does. His gentle spirt and old soul is such a joy to have in my life.  How lucky am I. 

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