Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A look back at 2015: 4th of July

In an effort to hold my life and heart together throughout 2015, I let some of my favorite practices fall to the wayside, blogging being one of them.  I treasure this blog, the way it documents the beautiful moments of my life, my children's growth and my creative endeavors all in one place.  It's perfect for reminding me that I have so much to get out of bed for in the morning. And so much to be grateful for.
As someone who has a tendency to overshare, I think I stayed away from the blog all together this past year out of respect for my family and the rearranging that happened to us. We are growing more into the beautiful family we were meant to be.  A family that may not be nuclear, but one that loves and supports each other without question or doubt, no matter how many roofs we live under.  It's hard. It's not the way I saw my life going. It's not the way I would've chosen it. But I don't regret anything. And it turns out, when you make the right, albeit hard, decisions for your family, everyone blossoms. When I look at each of my children, their father and I in 2015, I see growth. Beautiful growth.