Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A look back at 2015: Birdie's 2nd Birthday

This little bird was all smiles on her second birthday. She wore her special birthday dress and continually talked of 'my balloons' (her papa brought home no less than thirty pink and red balloons!!!)
I know the days of chubby cheeks and dimpled hands are numbered and because of that I feel like I live constantly breathing them in. Her brain is so sharp and her will so powerful though, that I won't be able to be sad for these days for long, because I am too excited to see the girl she grows into.

And below you will find the most beautiful photo I've ever seen of us.  I wish it was taken with a better camera, or just a better lens maybe. However, I can't focus on that too much, because look at those beautiful smiles.
Soon I will write about 'the split' and how parenting has changed since living in two homes (hint: not much), but that's for another day. Today is for cupcakes and pigtails.

Bernadette turns ONE
Bernadette is born

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  1. Birdie's 2nd Birthday looks fun-filled! She looks pretty in this cute dress. Thanks a lot for sharing her photos here. My niece will be turning one soon and planning to host a grand party at a local party venue Houston. Excited for it!